When you think about it, a card is really just a piece of paper folded in half. So why would I invest my time, effort and money into creating a business around this simple concept? Because a card is so much more than a piece of paper…it is the blank canvas we use to wish someone well, give thanks, say I love you, tell them you’re sorry…and so much more. A card allows us to say the things we sometimes struggle to verbalise. There is a reason why we are taught as kids to “read the card before you open the present” – our words are worth more than anything money can buy, they are the real gift we can give someone.   

I began Carded to remind people that in this digital age, there is still an unmistakable power in words. A piece of paper that a loved one has taken the time to select, write and give to me, speaks volumes. 

I hope the cards you give and those you receive are filled with words of wisdom and messages of love that truly move you.

 Happy Carding.

// Araz Manjikian //

For any enquiries or custom orders, please contact hello@carded.com.au.